Friday, 29 October 2021

Art Journal Page for Art Daily Cafe

Hello, Art Daily Cafe friends,


Here is a very simple vintage art journal page for your Art Daily inspiration. There are only a couple of details on the page, because the print of the Finnish vintage girl was so pretty it didn’t need much more. Sometimes less is more, literally.




I primed the page with white Heavy Gesso, using a large brush and very careless strokes, more like brush-doodling than painting. I made a light collage using only two prints, a ripped half of a die cut and a pressed flower with a silk ribbon and used Soft Matte Gel for attaching the collage on the page.


I finished the page with a very, very light, very watery touch of Impasto Dark Chocolate and Pitch Black paint mix for shadowing and making the collage to stand out, and that was it.


Sometimes reading between the lines is very, very simple.





Inspiring art journaling moments,